The secret to slow parenting – don’t project your fears onto your teen


If we let it, this parenting model and this book will revolutionize parenting. As a mental health therapist I have been waiting for a book to come along that is truly respectful of teens. Not only will slow parenting improve your relationship with your teens, I believe it will also make them much more functional and confident adults capable of making good decisions.
Fred Dearborn, LPC

Slow Parenting Teens offers a news flash to parents: If your relationship with your teen isn’t what you want—YOU can change it. The five “slow” attitudes in this book will help you face your own fears and create a positive, respectful, and fun parenting relationship.

Authors Molly Wingate and Marti Woodward have accrued over 40 years of personal parenting experience, plus five decades of professional work with adolescents and their families. Along with real life examples of fast and slow parenting, they discuss how to set limits and punishments, how to deal with blended families, and how to slow parent teens who face big problems. No wonder Slow Parenting Teens is the parenting book recommended by teenagers!

Molly Wingate and Marti WoodwardMolly Wingate brings her practice as a parent and educator to Slow Parenting Teens.  She co-parents her two, teen-aged sons with her husband, Brian Murphy.  They have a two-career, two-station wagon, traditional nuclear family.  She taught high school and college students (teenagers) for over twenty years before starting a writing consulting business.  Molly has a B.A. and M.A. in English literature.

Marti Woodward has a master’s degree in guidance and counseling and is a single mom of three teen-aged girls.  Marti worked in the field of adolescent addiction and also designed and implemented a family program for at-risk adolescents.  She has trained executives and supervisors and facilitated workshops for a variety of organizations.  As a coach, Marti continues to specialize in adolescent and family issues.

Great concepts that are user friendly! I wish my parents had access to this parenting approach when I was a teenager. Excellent book that is truly life changing!
Michelle Kozimko