• Are you exhausted from everything being a power struggle?
  • Wish, for once, he would just do his chores without a battle?
  • Are you fed up with your eye rolling, rude teenager?
  • At a loss for how to have a simple conversation without being attacked as a bad parent?


Don’t Give Up Hope!

In just 10 days, your relationship with your teenager can be dramatically improved.

The fighting can be eliminated.

You can have entire conversations that are pleasant and respectful.

You can have a peaceful home without fear of a blow up at any moment.

How, you ask?

Order our Slow Parenting 10 Day Program and learn how to immediately apply our parenting model to your current situation and relationship with your teen.

If you already know the Slow Parenting Model, this program will guide you through a daily application of the attitudes and ideas to quickly improve your relationship and stop the constant fighting.

If you don’t know the Slow Parenting Model, this program is a great introduction through a day by day guide for how to stop fighting and improve your communication and interactions with your teenager.

Reading the book and knowing the model are great, but if you want quick results and significantly less conflict in your home, then invest in yourself and your kid. In just 10 days, you can be having productive conversations and way more fun.

How this works…

Once you sign up, you will get an email everyday for 10 days – so be ready! Each email will have a theme and things for you to do to dramatically improve your relationship with your teen. Do the exercises and the assignments and notice the changes. You will take Slow Parenting from being a great idea to being the tool for improving your relationship.

It’s that simple!

Follow our 10 Day program and notice how you change and how your teen changes. It’s not easy. It will take a commitment on your part. But if the fighting and the tension are wearing you down, if you dread interacting with your own kid, and if you are spending way too much energy on simple conversations, then this investment of your time and energy will be well worth it!


“This program is invaluable. I already want to go back and revisit certain lessons.
The change in my relationship was so fast because I changed so fast. Thank you so much!”

Heidi Cooper, Mom & Special Education Teacher


It’s 10 Days of your time, energy, and attention invested in your relationship with your teenager.

But it’s less than ten dollars of your money.


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It’s Simple, Private, Focused, and Fast!

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