Marti Woodward, M.S.


Marti Woodward is the Co-Author of the radical new parenting book, Slow Parenting Teens. She is also a Master’s level therapist & Coach who specializes in adolescent issues and works directly with teenagers and their families to strengthen their relationship while addressing the “tough” problems.


Marti also has decades of experience working with addictions and the resulting family issues. Her expertise is early recovery for both the addict and the family members. Sometimes the addict is the teen and sometimes it’s the parent or other family member.


Get help now so your relationship doesn’t pay the price!



If you’d like to work with Marti over the phone or Skype, please contact her directly to discuss if that is an appropriate choice for you or your teen.


Contact Marti by phone at (719) 930-0623

or by email at Marti@slowparentngteens.com