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On this page you will find our free offers, products and programs we sell, and ways to work directly with Marti and Molly.


Slow Parenting TeensSlow Parenting Teens: How to creat a Positive, Respectful and Fun Relationship with your Teenager

This is the book that started it all!

A revolutionary approach to parenting teens that focuses on building the relationship rather than managing their behavior!


SPClogoSlow Parenting Connection

Join our FREE Private Facebook Group and instantly have a supportive Slow Parenting Community as well as direct access to the authors, Molly and Marti.

Click above for all the details.


Your Quick Start to Slow Parentingspquickstart

  • Not sure where to start with your teen and your particular situation?
  • In the middle of a crisis and don’t have time to go through Slow Parenting step by step?
  • Simply want help and support directly from the authors?

This is where you start!


stopfighting10 Days to Stop Fighting With Your Teen

  • Has the conflict gotten too much?
  • Is everything a fight or battle?
  • Are you walking on eggshells around each other?

Here is your answer to making real changes in a short amount of time.


Family & Adolescent Therapyheadshot

If your teen already has a diagnosis or you are concerned about serious issues that may require professional intervention, please contact Marti for a consultation. Some counseling can be done by phone or Skype if you are not local to the Colorado Springs area.

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