Slow Parenting Connection

Attention Parents, Grandparents, Step-parents, Teachers, and All Adults who care about and interact with teenagers!

Imagine what it would be like to have a healthy relationship with your teenager so you actually ENJOY each other!

What would be different in your life if…

  • The arguing stopped
  • Your teen shared without you having to drag it out
  • Every interaction wasn’t a conflict
  • The eye rolling and pouting stopped (your teen’s as well as yours)
  • Chores got done, texting stopped at the dinner table, and sarcasm stopped
  • Your teenager “thanked” you for attending a school events
  • The affection between you two increased
  • Conversation was fun, spontaneous, and relaxed

This is what Slow Parenting Teens is all about – creating the RELATIONSHIP you want with your teen!

We knew we were saying something radical when after every workshop or presentation we had a line of parents waiting to talk with us!

Each had a story to tell and a question to ask.

Each needed us to know how much they loved their teen and how alone they felt.

Many had been trying for years with other parenting models, books, workshops, and even counseling but not getting what they wanted…

A Positive, Respectful, and Fun Relationship with Their Teenager!

Many knew how to set limits and punishments, how to keep their voice calm while speaking, and even how to help their teenager get better grades.

But they weren’t getting what they really wanted…  

Conversation, Affection, Laughter, Mutual Trust and Respect, and Far Less Arguing and Mood Swings!

They bought the book! They tried some of the exercises, and they noticed some things were better, but still not what they hoped or wanted.

They had questions, needed clarification, and wanted to know how to apply Slow Parenting Teens to their specific situation. They also needed other parents who were practicing slow parenting to compare ideas and get support so they didn’t feel so alone.

They Needed Direct Free Access to the Experts and a Slow Parenting Community!


 Slow Parenting Connection

Your Community of Like Minded Adults who challenge and support each other as each moves toward Slow Parenting Teens!

This is your direct access to the authors and experts of Slow Parenting Teens, your community of support, and your safe place to practice changing your attitudes and behaviors.

This is where you ask questions, clarify exercises, and check in on expectations.

It is applying and practicing Slow Parenting Teens with quick feedback so you can adjust and try again – before you get discouraged and give up.

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Parenting can be isolating, you second guess yourself, and it’s easy to “give up” because it just doesn’t seem to be immediately working.

Don’t try and do this alone when there is such a simple, easy, and cost effective way to actually practice Slow Parenting Teens and get results.

Sign up for:  

  • A Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions to get not only the authors’ input but other parents’ who are facing the same challenges you are
  • Immediate feedback, celebrations, and support while you are practicing Slow Parenting
  • Invitations to all Classes and Workshops (on-line and in person)
  • Plus extra exercises and tips not in the book 


We want you to have a fantastic relationship with your teenager, not to just buy our book!


    The book is great and for some folks it’s all they need, but for most of you…

  • You need help implementing the ideas
  • You need support when you don’t get the results you hoped for
  • You need to celebrate with other parents
  • And you need to ask questions about your kid and your situation

So for all the parents who waited patiently after every Slow Parenting Teens presentation…

Here’s what you asked for – a way to continue the conversation about your kid with the authors and a support system of other like minded parents, grandparents, step-parents, and other adults who have the same goal you do

To Build a Positive, Respectful, and Fun Relationship with the Teenager in Your Life!

Slow Parenting Connection

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