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Marti Woodward & Molly Wingate are acclaimed speakers on how to quickly and easily build a respectful and fun relationship with your teenager.

They combine practical advice with humor and common sense.

These women know how to engage the audience and reassure them that the adolescent years do not have to be conflict or drama filled, nor do you need to wait to have a close open relationship with your teen.

Molly & Marti have spoken to Parenting Groups, for Church Members, at High Schools, to Teachers & Administrators, and to Child and Adolescent Counselors.


Watch their acclaimed TEDx Talk here

Teen therapist, Marti Woodward, and educator, Molly Wingate, bantered ideas and family humor back and forth at an April 30th presentation for parents at NMSHS. Local parents leaned in to consider their concrete suggestions for shifting to a Slow Parenting style; one that builds the foundation for a respectful and close relationship between parents and children. In this two hour workshop, Woodward and Wingate barely scratched the surface of ideas borrowed from their new book, Slow Parenting Teens.    

Ann Sherman, NED Parent Engagement Network


I recently attended a Slow Parenting talk in my school district and came away impressed.  My wife has the book but I hadn’t read it myself, so this was my first significant exposure to the material.  The authors did an effective job at laying out the principles and conveying the power of the approach, and did it in an entertaining way by encouraging plenty of audience participation.  They covered a lot in the hour or so, with what seemed like some prioritized choices of what to discuss and at what level of detail.  This was an introductory session, which is absolutely what I expected, and clearly there’s more detail in the book with hands-on sample conversations and other sorts of examples etc, but as an initial entrée to Slow Parenting, I thought this was a great and compelling presentation.

 Finlay Waugh, Parent of a Teenage Son


The timing of this information was perfect for me. Things haven’t been going well between me and my 15 year old daughter. I went home from this workshop, changed my approach using the techniques, and stayed up late talking things out with my daughter. I kept stressing the positive things about her while we jointly tackled our difficulties. Last night, I was finally able to get a good night’s sleep.

A Relieved and Hopeful Mom


I asked Molly and Marti to come and talk about slow parenting to a group of our parents. The presentation was relevant and deeply appreciated. These two are good writers and they are good presenters. There were many questions and deep conversation about serious topics around parenting teens. Months later, participants still talk to me about what they learned and how much they appreciated the workshop and the book.

Rev. Roger Butts
Unity Spiritual Center in the Rockies


Fun while presenting


These ladies are full of helpful information and they are fun while connecting with their audience. They are the professionals but they are also Moms who have lived and breathed the same issues we have.

It was a breath of fresh air to learn so much while laughing! This was the best parenting presentation I have ever attended.

Cathy, Mom of 17 year old son




Molly & Marti are currently accepting speaking engagements.

To learn more or to book them to speak, contact Molly Wingate at