You’ve read the book and like what it teaches, but it’s a lot to take in, sort through, and practice. And in your current situation, you just don’t have any time to waste…

Where do you start?
What is going to produce the most positive change?
What is going to work with your teen?
How do I do Slow Parenting fast?

This is why you need…

Your Quick Start to Slow Parenting


This is for you if…

  • You just do not have time to practice a different parenting technique or model
  • Your teen has already been in trouble at school
  • You miss the relationship with your kid and want to enjoy them NOW
  • You just too tired, sad, and burned out to read another book but get no real results
  • You want changes fast and you are willing to do the work and put in the time
  • Your circumstances just don’t allow for a long gradual process of change
  • You know you won’t implement what you’ve read without support and a clear plan

Most parents want a more positive, fun, and respectful relationship with their teen. However, it takes attention, commitment, and perseverance to change relationships.

Our book, Slow Parenting Teens, is great and it does work when you practice the attitudes and exercises. Yet, each teen is unique and different, each parent brings their own fears and old patterns, and teens will be suspicious of big behavioral changes if you aren’t consistent.

Let us…

  • Help you to identify the Slow Parenting Teens Attitude that will have the biggest impact on your relationship with your teenager
  • Direct you to the exercises that will change the dynamic between you and your teen the fastest
  • Keep you motivated when your teen isn’t “cooperating”
  • Be your quick guide to getting started with Slow Parenting Teens so you stay accountable, excited, and engaged in the process

In just one call you will get to share your story with your unique circumstances and leave with an action plan. You will feel more competent to practice and apply this model in your own day to day parenting and you will know exactly what to look for to clearly measure your progress.

This is a one to one call with an expert in Slow Parenting Teens. This is your safe private opportunity to share what’s really going on with your teen, your family, and your self.

You don’t have to do this alone
You don’t have to wait months for something to change for the better
You don’t have to fumble through the book wondering why it doesn’t seem to be working
And, you don’t need to second guess yourself as a parent


Quick Start to Slow Parenting

Now you have a quick, inexpensive option for deciding where and how to start slow parenting your teen, creating your first powerful action step, and getting a big result fast!

Working one on one with an expert guarantees a faster bigger result, less trial and error, and more motivation to stay consistent and follow through.

You will get 90 minutes with an expert but what you really get is more affection, more conversation & cooperation, less arguing, less conflict, and more FUN with your teenager!


Quick Start to Slow Parenting

Contact us now to get your 90 minute coaching call with Marti or Molly at this one time only price!

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