As the mother of a 30-something, and a grandmother, I appreciated reading
‘Slow Parenting Teens’ because it gave me insight and perspective into my
own hot button issues and how they effect my relationships with family
members. I’m trying to use the listening techniques–helpful in many

Mary Ellen


I was, by “childhood training” and lack of education, a fast parent. However, fast parenting was not working with my 3rd child. Marti helped me to understand and apply the Slow Parenting techniques through my youngest daughter’s mid to late teens. Our relationship moved from one of distrust, anger and bare tolerance to one of mutual trust and loving friendship. We choose to spend time together now! I can easily and sincerely recommend these Slow Parenting techniques because I have experienced them working in my life.

Jean H.


As a mom of 2 young girls, I feel completely ready to take on the teen years! This book gives great ideas, advice and helpful tips on how to stay engaged with teenagers on a level the child can relate to. It also gives me some insight on what I can do now to start that parent/teen relationship off strong. If you are a parent, caregiver, or have any kind of “authoritative” role in a teenager’s life, read this book now so you can enjoy those so-called difficult years!

Lisa B.


Slow Parenting Teens is a must read for everyone who desires a genuine relationship with the teenagers in their life. As the mother of three grown children, I am now the grandmother of 7 grandchildren, the oldest just entering her teen years. I look forward to practicing the Slow Parenting attitudes with my grandchildren. My grandchildren are my most important treasures, so I will be Stewarding my grandchildren, Respecting each of Their unique Personalities, Catching Them Doing it Right every time we are together, Listening Effectively to know them deeply by creating a safe space for them to process, ask questions, think through and figure out their own conclusions, and I will attempt to Grandparent nearly Everyday–with e-mail, Facebook, Skype, FaceTime, texting, and phone calls I can touch base with my grandchildren often. How exciting to have such a concrete and effective guide to “being in relationship” with teens. I will not be waiting for my grandchildren to become teenagers to begin the Slow Parenting foundation for our relationships. For me it begins with each one of them today! Thanks, Marti and Molly

Grandma Sue


Slow Parenting Teens is not just a book teens want their parents to read, it is a book for parents who want more from a relationship with their children. When I find myself being a screaming crazy mom, I don’t like myself and I don’t like the relationship I have with my children. By reading and practicing the ideas in Slow Parenting Teens I will be a more reflective, reasonable, and happy parent. And everyone knows a happy mom makes for a happy family. So reading this book and incorporating the principals is really all about creating a real relationship with my children. What could be better?

          Erin M.


For me, this book was like a sigh of relief, with a smile. I am fortunate to have had a pretty good relationship with my teenage son, despite some challenging years. But now it’s getting even better, I am less stressed, and enjoying my son even more than before. This book gave me the courage to follow my gut instincts, which were in line with the ‘slow parenting’ philosophy, but battling against the ingrained cultural assumption that my duty as a parent is to first and foremost: ‘mold’ my kid’s behavior and keep him safe. With just a subtle change of emphasis, with a different choice of words, my son is opening up even more to me. I told him “this year i am just going to be your cheerleader” and he said “wow, I love you for that! thanks mom!” The book is a pretty quick read, but with lots of concrete examples and things to practice. You too can soon be asking yourself – “What am I afraid of?”

Kelly W.


Whatever your parenting goals are, being able to develop a trusting relationship with your children is invaluable. Slow Parenting Teens offers insight into how to do this. The advice is, at times, a bit hard to take. But I find that all good advice usually is. If it were obvious and easy, I wouldn’t need the advice. But the fun part is, once I practiced what is preached here, I found that life was a lot easier. Great book.

Dave M.


I love this book! The concepts are fantastic. Even though I have raised my kids using a slow parenting method (although I never would have called it that) I still found plenty of helpful information, explanation and new ideas. The conversation comparisons throughout the book (comparing a fast parent & a slow parent) are eye-opening, plus they provide a clear demonstration of how one would apply the concepts being taught. The exercises are simple, yet thorough and certainly enough to help a parent put what they are reading into action. Whether you are parenting a teenager and struggling, doing okay, or feeling like things are going quite well, you will benefit by reading this book. I highly recommend Slow Parenting Teens and have no reservations giving it 5 stars.

Debbie P.


Great concepts that are user friendly! I wish my parents had access to this parenting approach when I was a teenager. Excellent book that is truly life changing!

Michelle K.


I learned to stop trying to mold my daughter into a different person and to just accept her as she is.

Martha L.


Because our kid has really big problems, we didn’t know which of her behaviors were typical teenager behaviors and which were due to her diagnosis. Now I realize that her behaviors are the result of both, yet it doesn’t matter! How we, her parents, respond rather than react is the bottom line.

Tina N.


This cutting-edge approach to parenting teens has become central to me. their five simple attitudes help me maintain the relationship I want with my son.

Doug G.


I was in trouble with my teen. We were fighting all the time.Then Marti and Molly fell out of the sky with Slow Parenting Teens.  I had some changing to do, and now my relationship with my teen is much, much better.

Sarah C.