Hannah A., 15 years old


My relationship with my Mom has completely changed since she read this book. We’ve been communicating more, and I don’t feel afraid to voice my opinions or ask her about hers, I feel so much more comfortable asking her for everything from two dollars to a curfew extensions, and when she answers me I feel like she’s being honest. We enjoy each other’s company now that we’re not always fighting. This book has completely changed my relationship with my mom, we no longer tolerate each other, but truly love and enjoy each other. I am so thankful that we found this book in time to enjoy my senior year together.

Emma B., 18 years old


It’s easy to share with my Mom when she asks about specific people and events in my life. I know she’s curious and really interested, so I want to share even more and hear her opinions.

Maggie, 17 years old


My mom is a Slow Parent, thanks to Slow Parenting Teens.

As a teenager, I am expected to rebel and break rules and sneak out of the house in the middle of the night, looking for freedom.  But the truth is, I have had no reason to rebel.

My mother is not the enemy in my life. Instead, I have been raised in an environment in which I can tell her my secrets and not be judged. My house has never been the source of problems, but rather the place that I can reveal the problems I don’t want others to know about. My mother knows I make mistakes, and I know I can fix the ones I make.

That is our relationship. She supports me with everything no matter what and I trust her with anything in the world. You could say this is a unique relationship, but if it weren’t for my mom’s parenting style we would not be where we are. She is patient with me, always. We don’t get into huge conflicts, we solve them. My mother is the person I trust more than anyone and the person I can count on. At the end of the day, my mom has my back.

This makes her more than my mother and it makes me the luckiest girl out there. Because she isn’t just my mom. I can honestly say she is my best friend. And I wouldn’t trade the relationship we have for anything.

Kassidy A., 15 years old


I don’t argue with my Mom because she always listens. That doesn’t mean I get my way, but we just don’t fight.

Hannah, 14 years old


As a twenty year old junior in college I’m not much of a teenager any more. But I’m not quite an adult yet either. It is perhaps, one of the most awkward places to be at in my life.

There is, however, one thing that I can always rely on at this trivial and yet ambivalent stage in my life, my relationship with my mom. She’s always willing to drop everything for me and listen, or help come up with solutions to a problem I’m having, and she always treats me with respect and genuine interest.

These are just some of the aspects Slow Parenting Teens encourages and I can vouch whole heartedly for them. It’s funny though, because while many parents want a close relationship with their children, they want it on their terms and are affronted when Slow Parenting Teens tells them to embrace their own fears and take responsibility and actually listen to what their teenager is saying, not just hear their words.

Parents today get defensive and feel the need to be right and so it damages the relationship with their child. As a young adult who was brought through her teen years by a slow parent, I know that I always, always felt more inclined to tell my mom what was going on in my life when she treated me as a person, not just her kid. I wouldn’t trade the relationship I have with her for anything in the world and I can attribute that love and genuine like and comfort and support entirely to the Slow Parenting Teens way.

I’ve never been much interested in having children myself, but I can honestly say the notion appeals to me more and more every time I think about building up a relationship with my own child based on Slow Parenting Teens. Because honestly, it’s a relationship that would be totally worth it.

Alexandra, 20 years old